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Handling & Installation


SUNRAY Solid Surface products should be at room temperatures (+/- 20 – 35 degree centigrade) before fabrication.

Substrates and Supports
SUNRAY sheets for horizontal application such as countertops should be supported by the cabinet every 40 cm. Full plywood of MDF underlayment as a support for SUNRAY countertops most recommended. Overhang should be restricted to 15 cm for 12 mm thick SUNRAY or 30 cm for thicker sheets.

For seam and drop edges use SUNRAY seaming compound. Wood and wood veneer inserts can be bonded to SUNRAY. When attaching SUNRAY countertops and vanities to cabinets, use dabs of clear silicone sealant every 25 to 30 cm

SUNRAY sheets may be stored in their shipping crates. If stacked, limit stack to 3 high and only stack crates of the same size. Store crates on a flat surface or alternatively support with at least 3 cantilever rack arms. If sheets are stored individually, they should be well supported to prevent sagging and warping. Please remember to never put long sheets on top of shorter sheets.