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DURATOP Post Forming


DURATOP Postforming is ideal for customized installation of your office, retail stores and residences to help create a synergy of harmony, safety, technology and seamless design.

DURATOP Postforming comprises of postforming grade High Pressure Laminates (HPL) which is bonded on Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Crafted with high technology, our unique postforming laminate presents a very slim yet elegant profile that leaves no room for any pointy sides.

The main feature of this panel is the lengthwise curve located in each side which can be used for table-tops, counters, kitchen tops, cabinet doors and many more.

The panel is rich in advantages, as opposed to many other alternatives available in the market today. Its continuous curve avoids the need to cover edges. We know that what makes your place convenient is merely your choice of furnishing. With DURATOP Postforming, we add more style to your furniture. In result, we assure you that there will be no more sharp edges, just gentle ones.